Florida’s Premier Statewide Affordable Housing Training and Technical Assistance Event

Day 2 – Tuesday, September 1


9 am - 10:30 a.m.

Celebration of Sadowski Success, Legislative Champions, and Fall Campaign

This was a momentous year for the Sadowski Housing Trust funds. During the 2020 Legislative Session, the Florida Legislature fully appropriated all the housing trust fund monies for housing. Join Sadowski Coalition members as we celebrate full appropriation of the housing trust funds, discuss the budget consequences from the pandemic, the special session expected in the Fall and the work that needs to be done to receive the 2020 SHIP appropriation.

Jaimie Ross, Moderator, Facilitator, Sadowski Coalition, CEO, Florida Housing Coalition
Dorene Barker
, AARP Florida
Jeff Branch
, Florida League of Cities
Bryan Cherry
, PinPoint Results
Chris Emmanuel
, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Tonnette Graham
, Florida Association of Counties
Mark Hendrickson
, Florida Association of Housing Finance Authorities
Trey Price
, Florida Housing Finance Corporation
Danielle Scoggins
, Florida Realtors


11 am- 11:50 pm

CRA Panel

Join the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency community development staff in an opportunity to hear about bank partnerships in affordable housing. Participants will learn about the Community Reinvestment Act and will have an opportunity to ask general and specific questions about working with banks. The FDIC and OCC will outline strategies related to lending, service, and investment with bank partners.

This live session will not be recorded and the materials will not be available after the event. If you want to hear/participate in this session you must attend during this time.

Kody Glazer, Moderator, Legal Director, Florida Housing Coalition
April Atkins, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Lisa Mifflin, U.S. Treasury Department, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency



12 pm-1 pm

Bankers Can Be Your Best Partners

Hear from and talk with bankers who are committed to making community investments. Learn what financial institutions are doing to assist individuals, families, and organizations get through and recover from COVID-19. Panelists will provide information about initiatives and commitments around homeownership and supporting organizations that are providing rental assistance in the wake of COVID-19. This live session with representatives from Bank of America, PNC Bank, Synovus Bank, Truist, Valley National Bank, and Wells Fargo will not be recorded and the materials will not be available after the event. If you want to hear/participate in this session you must attend during this time.

This live session will not be recorded and the materials will not be available after the event. If you want to hear/participate in this session you must attend during this time.

Suzanne Cabrera, Moderator, Florida Housing Coalition Board Chair
Marilyn Drayton, Wells Fargo
Kathy Hazelwood, Synovus
Tammy Paycer, Truist
Aileen Pruitt, PNC Bank
Christine Ruiz, Bank of America
Thais Sullivan, Valley National Bank



2 pm- 4 pm



Ending Homelessness Forum

Housing is healthcare, housing is education, housing is safety and stability. These truths have become even more evident during the pandemic. For years – and during the current crisis – the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC) has been a leader in funding housing that is affordable and accessible to households exiting homelessness. During this forum participants will hear about the outcomes from the FHFC’s Permanent Supportive Housing pilot that was targeted to people experiencing homelessness who were high utilizers of health care and other systems. Carrfour Supportive Housing will share the outcomes of their PSH pilot project, along with an overview of the development and programming. FHFC will also provide an overview of its initiative focused on housing stability for homeless schoolchildren, as well as efforts related to COVID-19, a status report on follow up from the Affordable Housing Workgroup, and more. In addition, FHFC will provide an overview of the 2020-2021 funding for Requests for Applications (RFAs) to finance housing for persons who are homeless or who have special needs, including possible revisions to the application and credit underwriting related to those RFAs. The forum will offer plenty of opportunity for participants to engage in discussion, ask questions, and share input.

Moderator: Anne Ray. Panelists: Bill Aldinger, Stephanie Berman Eisenberg, Zachary Summerlin


Florida Realtors Forum

This caucus is for Realtors to discuss critical trending topics on Attainable Workforce Housing and partnerships with local housing officials. This caucus will provide real estate professionals with the opportunity for input on housing issues in their respective areas.

Moderator: David Hall. Panelists: Cheryl Lambert, Amy Robbins, Danielle Scoggins


Energy Efficiency and Green Building Forum (sponsored by Duke):

With so many of us having spent so much time in our homes these past months, and with so many Floridians in need of economizing, leaders in Energy Efficiency will tackle three big issues facing so many of us: improving home energy efficiency today; COVID-19 and what utility companies are doing to help their customers; and, what the next year, five years and future holds for energy efficiency in Florida. Through education, advocacy, and exploration of alternative energy sources, consumers can take hold of their own energy future. This forum will address going Green for new construction and rehab; home energy efficiency; how COVID-19 affects utility customers; neighborhood energy saver programs; how advocacy can lead to larger difference; alternative energy; and utility companies’ perspectives moving into an era of energy efficiency. Hear from representatives from Duke Energy, Florida Power and Light, the Florida Green Building Coalition, the City of St. Petersburg, and the Solar Energy Loan Fund.

Moderator: Mike Rogers. Panelists:  M. Duanne Andrade, Barry Faske, Brad Goar, Stacy Phillips, Sharon Wright


Housing and Neighborhood Identity: Preserving Communities of Color

Both new development and redevelopment in and around existing communities can lead to loss of a neighborhood’s historic racial or ethnic identity. In this forum, panelists will discuss their experiences of working to preserve communities of color in urban, suburban and rural contexts, with housing as a key issue. Panelists will also discuss the importance of forming partnerships and active involvement of residents in the process. This forum aims to inspire attendees to take on such efforts in their local communities

Moderator: Chuck Elsesser. Panelists: Andrew Chin, Santos Morales, Suzanne Pickett, Camille Reynolds Lewis



4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Keynote Address and Non-Profit Raffle

Angela Brooks and Lawrence Scarpa, Brooks + Scarpa

Non-Profit Raffle
Synovus, Valley National Bank, and Wells Fargo

Don’t miss a great opportunity to win $1000 for your 501(c)(3). Three lucky non-profits will each win $1,000. To enter, you must work for a qualified 501(c)(3) and have visited the Virtual Exhibits for Synovus, Valley National Bank, and Wells Fargo.