Zachary Summerlin

Florida Housing Finance Corporation
Assistant Policy Director & Supportive Housing Coordinator

Zach Summerlin serves as the Assistant Policy Director and Supportive Housing Coordinator at Florida Housing Finance Corporation. Zach brings years of experience serving local communities and the state in providing affordable housing solutions for Florida’s most vulnerable populations, including individuals living with mental health challenges and those at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. Prior to arriving at Florida Housing Finance Corporation, Zach guided the State Office on Homelessness where he worked closely with the state’s interagency Council on Homelessness and Florida’s homeless Continuum of Care lead agencies. He helped facilitate contracting and service efficiencies while working at the Office on Homelessness. At the local level, Zach led community housing efforts including the creation and coordination of housing for the homeless Continuum of Care. He also worked to ensure successful housing placements for individuals exiting acute care behavioral health facilities while working at one of Florida’s behavioral health managing entities.