The Florida Housing Coalition is accepting nominations for affordable housing success story awards at the Florida Housing Coalition 2020 annual statewide affordable housing conference in Orlando.

Share Your Stories

Accepting Applications Now

The Sadowski Housing Trust funds change lives. We invite you or your community partners to share a story or two about how you have made a difference in your community.

  • Has your affordable housing work impacted the lives of local families and citizens?
  • What community partnerships are you most proud of?
  • Have you helped households to overcome substantial obstacles to homeownership?
  • Do you have an effective strategy for housing individuals experiencing homelessness?
  • Has your approach to foreclosure prevention, disaster recovery, or rental housing produced good outcomes?
  • Do you get good results from showcasing your housing work in the community?
  • Something else you’d like to highlight?

Housing Awards Nomination Rules

  1. Please submit nominations no later than April 17 by 5 p.m. to Johnitta Wells at
  2. Each story must include at least one source of state housing funding, like SHIP, SAIL, PLP, or other sources.
  3. You may nominate your own organization.  Include the organization’s name, main contact name, phone number, and email address.
  4. Submit a video or photos of your success.

There is no limit on the number of submissions that will be accepted from any one organization.  By making a submission you understand that the Florida Housing Coalition may use your materials for promotional purposes.

For additional information, contact Johnitta Wells at

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The Florida Housing Coalition highlights housing successes across the state of Florida at its Annual Affordable Housing Conference. We invite you or your community partners to send in your stories, your photos, and videos too! This is your opportunity to showcase your housing success and share your strategies with other communities throughout the state.