Florida’s Premier Statewide Affordable Housing Training and Technical Assistance Event

Day 1 – Monday, August 29


9 AM - 10 AM

Opening Plenary

Welcome and Introduction to the Florida Housing Coalition

JAIMIE ROSS, President, Florida Housing Coalition

SUZANNE CABRERA, Board Chair, Florida Housing Coalition

Morning Keynote

MARIA RODRIGUEZ, Executive Director, Florida Immigrant Coalition


10:30 am - 11:45 am

Public Policy Plenary: Housing is Healthcare

Housing is healthcare – this has never been truer than in the wake of the devastation caused by COVID-19. Local communities have relied on the leadership of their state and federal partners to aid in the response to this pandemic. Beginning with a State of the State from Trey Price, hear from state and national leaders on how the response is going, what will be needed in the months to come, and the intersection of health and housing.

Eileen Fitzgerald, Moderator, Wells Fargo
Amanda Andere, Funders Together to End Homelessness
Kody Glazer, Florida Housing Coalition
Marion McFadden, Enterprise Community Partners
Leroy Moore, Tampa Housing Authority
Trey Price, Florida Housing Finance Corporation


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Film Festival Lunch

Grab your lunch, some popcorn, a beverage (of your choice) and join us for a group watching of Revisioning Recovery: Films Uncovering the Roots of Disaster is a new collection of short films that illuminate the current injustices, systems at play, and the solutions needed to prepare and respond to climate disasters. Equitable disaster preparedness and recovery is increasingly urgent as COVID-19 further exposes cracks in the system.

Moderator: Gladys Cook, Florida Housing Coalition
Presenters: Hannah Hearn, Katja Esson, Trenise Bryant, Ann Bennett


2 pm - 4 pm


Disaster Housing Resilience and Recovery Forum

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: Must we always learn the hard way when the inevitable storms, sea level rise and flooding occurs? We don’t have to if we get serious about risk management and mitigation. There are two significant research and community engagement projects taking place simultaneously in Florida- both funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Get a head start on making your housing stock resilient and ready for the inevitable.

Part 1: Keep Safe Miami: Protecting Miami’s Affordable Housing from a Changing Climate: Join nationally respected Enterprise Community Partners to learn about a new tool for affordable housing owners, and housing portfolio managers to evaluate their properties to identify vulnerabilities that can be addressed with mitigation and adaptation strategies. Join team members to learn about the tool, how the City of Miami is supporting its development to address disaster related hazards including flooding, wind and extreme heat. This work is generously supported by both JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the City of Miami, with funding from the Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund.

Moderator: Gladys Cook. Panelists: Christopher Bennett, Chris Fennell, Sara Haas, Jonathan Klopp, George Mensah, Ranata Reeder, Laurie Schoeman

Part 2: REACH: Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Resilience and Energy Analysis of Communities and Housing: What if we had a crystal ball that would tell us where our low income and most vulnerable households are located in relation to low to high flood risk areas? Housing providers and community leaders would know where to invest in resilience activities- or not, and where to encourage or discourage future development. It’s happening and members of the REACH team will share how the Community Vulnerability Assessment Tool was created and what it can do for planning housing strategies that will protect lives and homes from storm surge and non-coastal flooding. Presenters from Universities of Florida, and South Florida, Suncoast United Way, the RPC, and the Florida Housing Coalition will take you on a virtual tour and yes, give you the link to this incredible new mapping tool.

Moderator: Gladys Cook. Panelists: Hilary Bruno, Marcy Esbjerg, Andrea Galinski, Geri Lopez, CJ Reynolds, Taryn Sabia

Faith-Based Forum

Faith-based organizations and congregations serve as effective advocates for affordable housing, an issue central to addressing the needs of the poor and vulnerable. However, many groups have resources to go further into developing housing, and providing services. This forum features a panel of faith-based organizations, and other experts who share their experiences, and provide both insight and inspiration on how faith-based organizations can become involved in affordable housing development.

Moderator: David Hall. Panelists: Grace Chung, Shahrzad Emami, Jo Ann Nesbitt, Sandra Shank


Housing Counselors Forum

This forum is for counselors to discuss trending topics critical to home purchase counseling, foreclosure prevention, and other services. Counselors will discuss the latest related to COVID forbearance and loan modification activity. Learn about the emerging issues resulting from COVID as standards to mortgage qualification are increasing and lenders are offering fewer new mortgages. The forum has a long history of delivering an engaging discussion with opportunity for your input. Join a roundtable discussion with other counselors, lenders, and Florida Housing Finance Corporation staff to network and talk about changes, challenges, and administrative practices.

Housing and Race: Policies and Programs through an Equitable Lens

How can communities reverse the legacy of redlining, exclusionary zoning and other discriminatory practices? This forum will discuss how federal, state and local planning efforts, and program design can promote equal opportunity in housing. Panelists will offer discourse on the history, and current status of federal policies addressing affirmatively furthering fair housing, disparate impact, and incorporation of Yes In My Backyard practices into local policies and programs. Panelists will also discuss how urban planning has contributed in the past to racial and economic segregation in housing, and its role in addressing equity issues in housing in the present and future.

Moderator: Shekeria Brown. Panelists: Zelalem Adefris, Denise Ghartey, Alana Greer, Ben Toro-Spears



Conference Raffle

Join us for our Virtual Conference Raffle with Michael Chaney. Visit the exhibit booths beginning August 1st at: for an opportunity to win gift cards. The more booths you visit the greater your chances of winning.